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GOLF COURSE - CLASS C – Golf Course (On-Sale Only) beer, beer and wine or beer, wine and liquor license may be issued to a public golf course or organization that has a regular or championship golf course with a minimum of nine holes.  This shall be for consumption only in the buildings, including the clubhouse, and adjoining land used for golfing purposes.  A patron need not be seated to be served or consume alcoholic beverages.  No alcohol may be taken off the licenses premises. Licensee shall not sell, serve nor furnish any alcoholic beverages, other than beer or wine, liquor shall only be sold on a per drink basis for consumption on the licensed premises.  Wine and liquor bottles shall be destroyed when original contents are emptied and not refilled.  (Article 2B, Section 


Annual license fee will be

Golf Course - $1000.00. 

Special Sunday license - $250.00. 



All documents need to be signed and notarized before bringing them into the office. We are also no longer taking cash payments. 

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