Below are the forms that need to be printed out for 1 Licensee that is the resident of Maryland. 

Below are the forms that need to be printed out for all other licensee's. 

Below are the forms for when you need to have a Maryland Contact. 

What are the license fees and how does my Sales and Use & Business license (Traders license) need to look. 

The Washington County Liquor Board will not accept any applications for new licenses or transfers in 

 May of any fiscal year. 

Please click on the boxes to the left to complete the application process, please read number 1 Procedure for Application to know the forms you need to complete. 

Applications printed before March 2021 are no longer

valid documents based on changes made. 


(Attorneys and applicants must follow the guidelines

of the procedure of application for all documents needed. Once the Board receives the application and documents needed, one applicant or attorney for the applicants will meet before the Board regarding the Class of license they are applying for and other pertinent information, then the applicant will receive their final hearing date.)


The Final Hearing will be scheduled on a Wednesday after the Board receives the application and documents needed and the applicant or their attorney has met with the Board regarding the class of license they are applying for and other pertinent information.


New Applications cannot be emailed or mailed to the Liquor Board they must be submitted in person!

If you should have any questions please call the office at

301-797-4591 or come into the office and we will be more that happy to assist you with completing your application or if you prefer an Attorney there is a list of names below in the Washington County area that are familiar with our application process and will be able to help you get started!

Edward L. Kuczynski - 301-797-9120

Brian Kurtyka - 301-714-0889

Robinson & Robinson - 301-797-0100

POPULATION RATIO QUOTA - In Washington County this bill applies to the issuance of certain alcoholic beverages licenses in Washington County; and generally relating to alcoholic beverages in Washington County. Population ratio quota means 1 license for each 3000 individuals, excluding individuals detained or confined in a correctional facility as defined under § 1-101(d) of the Correctional Services Article, who reside in the election district where the license will be issued as determined by the last federal population census.


The Board may not issue a Class A (off sale), Class B (on & off sale) and a Class D (on & off sale) license in an election district if the number of licenses exceeds the population ratio quota. Unless the Board determines that there is a public need and desire including government sanctioned economic revitalization and states in and order issuing the license the reasons for its decision to exceed the population ratio quota.

In Washington County, except for a Class B Restaurant (on sale) license issued to a restaurant and any class of alcoholic beverages license renewed or transferred for the same premises, an alcoholic beverages license exceeds the population ratio quota.


“Restaurant” means an establishment that:

  • Is located in a permanent building

  • Regularly sells and serves food to the general public

  • Has a seating capacity of at least

  • 50 persons for a Class B Restaurant alcohol beverages (on-sale) license.

  • Has on an annual basis, gross sales of food and non-alcoholic beverages that exceed its annual gross sales of alcoholic beverages.

  Effective July 1, 2018