UNIVERSITY/COLLEGE LICENSE (on sale only) - The holder shall comply with all rules and regulations applicable to the issuance of the principal Class UC - University/College - BWL (on sale only) license with all municipal ordinances and Fire and Health Department regulations.


This title applies only in Washington County.

1. The holder shall comply with all rules and regulations applicable to the issuance of the principal Class UC license with all municipal ordinances and Fire and Health Department regulations.

2. The holder must be a university or college that accommodates over 10 students.

3. The Class UC license is only for a university or college that offers a Hospitality and Tourism Management Degree Program and within offers courses that provide a comprehensive study of alcoholic beverages, with

an emphasis on the origin, production, classification, and service of beer, wine and liquor which will include bartending, alcohol awareness, liability and the responsible serving of alcoholic beverages.

4. The license holder shall ensure that at least one instructor is certified by an alcohol awareness program and that they are there during the hours and days of the course.

5. The license holder is only authorized to have beer, wine and liquor in the class that offers the study of alcoholic beverages.

6. The license holder must provide a drawing of the building and the class area that will be offering the study of alcoholic beverages and the locked storage facility where the alcohol will be stored, except during the hours & days of the classes.

7. The license holder authorizes the Comptroller, his duly authorized deputies, inspectors and clerks and the Board of License Commissioners

for the aforesaid County, its duly authorized inspectors, employees and any peace officer of said County, to inspect and search, without warrant, and all parts of the premises where said business is to be conducted, at any and all hours.

8. The license holder must submit a form 14 days before each class begins. It must document the dates of the course along with the hours of the course.

9. The Class UC license for which this application is made is to be for the period beginning on the date the license is issued and ending June 30th next, from date hereof, and the applicant(s) tender herewith.  

10. May purchase beer, wine and liquor from a licensed distributor or a license retail establishment within the state of Maryland.


In Washington County the annual license fee is

$750.00 6-day license

$250.00 Special Sunday license.


Licensee's that have an existing patio will have to obtain a Sidewalk Cafe/Patio license to continue serving alcoholic beverages in that area.