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STADIUM LICENSE – (On Sale Only) - This license is for on sale only.  In this subsection, “Premises” includes the entire stadium facility and the stadium parking lots. The Board of License Commissioners may issue a stadium (on sale) license to the owner of a professional baseball team franchise. The franchise may be in any form of business organization, including partnership, corporation, and limited liability company. Subject to paragraph 4 of this subsection, for consumption on the licensed premises to persons present at any event held in the stadium. In plastic, Styrofoam, or paper containers; and from the time the stadium opens for the event until the event ends.  The written approval of the Board of License Commissioners is required before beer and light wine may be sold, served, or consumed, on the parking lots of the stadium or during any event other than a baseball game in which the team of the license holder is playing. Except for a wholesaler or distributor of beer and light wine that is conducting business with the license holder, the license holder may not allow any person to carry alcoholic beverages onto or from the licensed premises. [Article 2B, Section 8-222].  A license entitles the holder to sell beer and light wine. Effective 7/08 


The annual fee

Stadium License - $2,000



All documents need to be signed and notarized before bringing them into the office. We are no longer taking cash payments. 

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