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§ 31-102. Multi-Use Sports & Events Facility License.


(a) In this section, “premises” includes the entire Multi-Use Sports & Events Facility.

(b) There is a Multi-Use Sports & Events Facility Beer, Wine, & Liquor License.

(c) The Board may issue the license to the owner of a professional baseball team franchise that may be in any form of business organization, including partnership, corporation, and limited liability company, that Will Operate as A Multi-Use Sports & Events Facility.

(d)(1) The license authorizes the license holder to sell Beer, Wine & Liquor:

(2) For on-premises consumption to individuals present at any event held in the Multi-Use Sports & Events Facility; and

(e)(1) The license holder may not allow an individual to carry alcoholic beverages onto or from the licensed premises.

(2) The license holder must have all staff including managers’ alcohol awareness certified and crowd control certified.

(f)(1) The annual 7-day yearly license fee is $2,500.00. 


Effective July 1, 2024


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