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CLASS B – (On & Off-Sale) beer, beer and wine or beer, wine and liquor license shall be issued by the license issuing authority of the county in which the place of business is located. The holder of the license may keep for sale and sell beer, beer or wine or beer, wine and liquor at retail at the place described in the license for consumption on the premises or elsewhere. Beer, beer and wine or beer, wine and liquor shall only be sold on a per drink basis for consumption on the premises for the on sale part of the license and the holder shall deliver the alcohol in a sealed package or container for the off sale part of the license. No open cans or bottles can be removed from the premises including the parking lot. Beer, wine and liquor bottles shall be destroyed when original contents are emptied and not refilled.  There is no objection to minors visiting Class B establishments in the company of their parents or legal guardians, provided the purpose is to consume a regularly prepared meal.  No person under the age of 21 shall be seated at the bar at any time. (Article 2B, Section 



The annual fee shall be for

Beer $50.00

Beer and Wine $200.00

Beer, Wine and Liquor $1000.00

Special Sunday license $250.00



All documents need to be signed and notarized before bringing them into the office. We are no longer taking cash payments. 

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