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THEATER LICENSE – (On Sale Only) - The holder shall comply with all rules and regulations applicable to the issuance of the principal Class “B” Restaurant license with all municipal ordinances and Fire and Health Department regulations. The holder must accommodate at least 1,400 persons and be located on the south side of Hagerstown and be a non-profit organization. The holder shall ensure that at least one employee is certified by an alcohol awareness program and on the premises at all times during the theater event. The holder may exercise the privileges under this license only during the hours and days that are allowed for the principal Class B Restaurant license. The holder is authorized to sell beer, wine, and liquor for on-premises consumption only to persons who are attending a performance or an event that is held at the theater.  The applicant(s) submit herewith a statement duly executed and acknowledged by the owner of the premises in which the business is to be conducted, assenting to the granting of the license applied for, authorizing the Comptroller, his duly authorized deputies, inspectors and clerks, the Board of License Commissioners for the aforesaid County, its duly authorized agents and employees, and any peace officer of said County, to inspect and search, without warrant, any and all parts of the premises where said business is to be conducted, at any and all hours. Any outside event must be approved by the Board of License Commissioners The license for which this application is made is to be for the period beginning on the date the license is issued and ending April 30th next, from date hereof, and the applicant(s) tender herewith the sum of $1,000.00. THE APPLICATION WILL BE APPROVED BY THE BOARD OF LICENSE COMMISSIONERS FOR WASHINGTON COUNTY WITH THE FOLLOWING STIPULATIONS: A drawing of the locked storage facility and the area where alcohol will be served must be provided to the Board of License Commissioners for Washington County upon the issuance of this license.  Effective 7/11


Annual Fee:
Theater License - $1,000.00


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