HOTEL / MOTEL – (On Sale Only) - The holder shall comply with all rules and regulations applicable to the issuance of the principal Class B (Hotel/Motel) (on sale) license with all municipal ordinances and Fire and Health Department regulations.


The Board may issue a Class B (Hotel/Motel) (on sale) beer, wine and liquor license for use in a Hotel or Motel that is in a building with at least three (3) stories tall that was originally constructed for hotel or motel purposes; has a capital investment of at least $500,000.00 and contains at least one passenger elevator, at least 100 rooms to accommodate the public and a lobby with a registration and mail desk and seating facilities and a ballroom, conference room or banquet room.


A license holder may sell beer, wine and liquor at a hotel / motel or restaurant at the place described in the license for on premises consumption through room service or otherwise to registered guests or by the glass, bottle or can to individuals attending an event in a ballroom, conference room or banquet room.


The privileges of the license may be exercised for on and off premises consumption if:

  1. The license was issued on or before June 30, 2016 with an off sale privilege and the license holder has operated a retail store on the licensed premises since at least June 30, 2016.

  2.  All other licenses that do not follow the above (a) section will be for on-premises consumption only.

  3. The license holder shall notify the Board before constructing or altering an area on the premises where beer, wine and liquor are sold.

  4. The Board may adopt regulations to carry out this section, including regulations that provide for the manner of dispensing beer, wine and liquor under the license, provide for the manner of dispensing beer, wine and liquor under the license, provide for the hours and days of sale and limit the quantity of alcoholic beverages that may be sold to an individual as a single serving or during a 24-hour period.


A license holder may sell beer, wine and liquor without serving food. A license holder or an individual serving beer, wine and liquor may not mix the contents of one bottle with the contents of another bottle or refill into smaller bottles and they shall dispose of or destroy all empty bottles and cans.


The license holder must obtain a crowd control training certificate from a program that is certified by the Board and there must be one certified crowd control manager on the licensed premises for every 250 guests of the hotel / motel.


The license holder shall require one individual who has completed a certified alcohol awareness program to be on the licensed premises at all times when alcohol is being served.


The annual license fee is:

$1,000 for beer, wine and liquor license

$250.00 for a Special Sunday license

Effective May 4, 2017









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Thank you for understanding, the Board is working hard to make sure that we can get you through this difficult time and to make sure that you and your families are safe.



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