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LIQUOR TASTING - In Washington County this bill applies to a holder of any class of license who currently hold a BWL license. The Board will issue a yearly liquor tasting license, upon request, to any licensee who meets the above requirements.  Annual license fee of:$300.00 for 12 Liquor Tastings and $500.00 for 24 Liquor Tastings and they will be effective from July 1st to June 30th license calendar year.  Hours – The hours of sale for Liquor Tastings: Begin at the same times as those for the license already held by the person to whom the Liquor Tasting license is issued; And end at Midnight.  Scope of license: The Board of License Commissioners may issue a special liquor tasting license to permit on premises consumption of liquor for tasting or sampling purposes only to a holder of any class of license who currently hold a BWL license.  The holder of a special liquor tasting license may not charge for the liquor tasting. The license is effective for use no more than 12 days for a 12 tasting license and 24 days for a 24 tasting license in a licensing year. The licensing shall notify the Board in writing at least 10 days in advance of any scheduled tasting date. And a wine, beer or liquor tasting event CANNOT be held on the same day.  Licensees are permitted to post a sign advertising a liquor tasting with the day of the liquor tasting event posted thereon. However, this sign can only be posted TEN (10) DAYS PRIOR TO THE EVENT and must be PROMPTLY TAKEN DOWN AT THE CLOSE OF THE LIQUOR TASTING. Licensee must submit a Liquor Tasting Event Notification BLC Form #25 to the office of the Board of License Commissioners for Washington County either by mail or fax 301-797-4599 or email to the, ten (10) days prior to the event. If the license holder does not follow these guidelines a $50.00 fine will be imposed.

This rule shall also apply to newspaper advertisements and other media advertising with regard to the upcoming event. Banners are allowed to remain up if they state a specific day each month, such as the 2nd Saturday of every month, however they must imply that the licensee is having a tasting every week.  A liquor tasting event shall consist of a wholesaler or supplier presenting various liquor from a single brand owner.. The retail liquor tasting licensee may use each liquor tasting event for a Maximum of (4) Four Bottles of Liquor from that brand owner as long as each wholesaler and each brand is in compliance with State laws. The contents of each bottle may not be mixed with any other bottle, and all bottles shall be destroyed once they are empty.  Servings of the various liquors are limited to no more than ONE OUNCE OF A SINGLE LIQUOR TO A SINGLE CUSTOMER. Tasting may not exceed 4 Hours. 


Annual Fee:

Liquor Tasting 12 - $300.00

Liquor Tasting 24 - $500.00

Effective July 1, 2018

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